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attackOver the past four years, anti-gay attacks in London have risen by an enormous 28%, with 1545 homophobic crimes reported to the police last year. Racist attacks are up by 7%.

The figures were gathered by Dee Doocey, a Liberal Democrat London Assembly member who also sits on the Metropolitan Police Authority. Doocey told the London Evening Standard, “These figures are clear evidence of a very disturbing rise in hate crime. I am especially concerned about the huge rise in homophobic incidents”.

Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill said: “We’re deeply concerned that hate crime continues to overshadow the lives of so many gay Londoners”. He urged the Mayor and the Metropolitan Police to commit to the fight against homophobic attacks and said that, at the moment, “there’s still too little evidence of real commitment from the very top”.

Stonewall recently commissioned a YouGov poll which found that, over the past three years, one in five gay and bisexual people had been a victim of a hate crime or homophobic incident. Three quarters of these victims didn’t report the incidents to the police.

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