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Move over “Lean On Me”, there’s a new friendship song in town.

Having spilled her guts with her heartrending break up ballad “Be Naked”, Lots Holloway’s latest release ups the tempo – and the mood – with our new fave friendship song “Lights Come Down”.

These are dark times. That twat Farage is back in politics alongside gay-hate poster girl Ann Widdecombe, our much-loved monarch is going to have to sit down for dinner with that orange, draft-dodging fascist from America, and stabbing people to death is fast becoming our nation’s most popular pastime. The UK’s so-called party of the left is under investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission for racism – a boast that until now could only be made by the now defunct far-right BNP – and we have the worst Prime Minister since Lord North, the PM who lost Britain’s north American colonies paving the way, less than 250 years later, for the aforementioned orange fascist’s stint in the White House.

I think we all need a pick me up, and “Lights Come Down”, a soulful three and a half minutes of upbeat joy, can’t help but put a spring in your step. There’s a kind of early 70s Jackson 5 feel to the track, clever syncopation (Holloway is a grade A muso) and lyrics that bounce along with jazzy piano, slinky cymbals and backing harmonies that wouldn’t be out of place on Pet Sounds. You’ll love it.

Speaking exclusively to OutNews Global, the diminutive songbird explains, “Love is everywhere, but unfortunately sometimes we have to get to our darkest moments to see how much light there really is.

“I wrote this song as a metaphorical big hug to anyone struggling, and as a reminder to reach out whenever you need support – it will be there.”

To claim your metaphorical big hug from Lots Holloway, slide on over to Spotify right now.

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