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My name is Andréa, and it is with great pleasure and much excitement that I am introducing myself today as a new staff writer for Out News Global. As of today, you will be able to read some of my articles and enjoy Out News Global’s freshened up Instagram page, which I am now in charge of.

Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, I moved to London last September to pursue a career in journalism and complete a Master’s degree (which I am yet to finish). As a 25-year-old student living in London, I think I am quite normal (whatever “normal” is!) apart from my obsession with drag shows and dogs, (yes my dog has its own Instagram page).

Me and the dog.

As a matter of fact, the art of drag is what originally led me into LGBTQ journalism. I have always been engaged in the community, with its incredible, captivating sub-cultures that I just love to talk about. From pop culture, to history and political issues, there’s a lot to say, and I am proud to be able to do so for Out News Global.

I take pride in giving a voice to those who might not be able to speak up. I also enjoy covering topics that would sometimes be considered “taboo” for some. Most importantly, I love to write, especially if I know people can learn something new from my work.

So…expect a lot of content related to drag, London’s gay nightlife and international issues too. As a Swiss citizen whose mother is Serbo-Croatian and whose father is Norwegian, you won’t be surprised to learn that I’m very culturally open minded. Hopefully, my articles will not only reflect this, but may also help you view things from a different angle.

I cannot wait to share my work with you, and I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

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