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Last Saturday, 18th of May, was the first ever edition of the “Cookie Jar Party“. Stella Marbles, also known as the “Masked Queen”, organised a fabulous event, honouring the LGBTQ+ community. As a female-identifying drag queen, Stella created the party to celebrate other female-identifying and NB (non-binary) artists, just like her.

The new monthly party, in partnership with Hendricks Gin, merges camp and cabaret styles with the underground and club scene. As written by Cookie Jar themselves, “it’s a sickening sweet utopia that brings the best drag artists, DJs, club kids, and queer creatures together for an unforgettable party to get your feet moving and your tastebuds tingling.”

Photo: Tequila Addams deejaying

The first event, entitled “Cookie Jar: The First Bite”, had a tasteful Candyland theme with, as expected, jars of cookies and lollipops all over the venue. International DJ and known club kid, Prince Jay Jay, was present to mix the best music, followed by club host and established drag artist, Tequila Addams, also deejaying for the rest of the night.

Stella not only organised a party to remember but also provided with the best entertainment imaginable. Different female-identifying and NB drag artists from the UK were present to perform amazing lip-synch acts. Naturally, the masked queen opened the show by being the first queen to perform on stage. She was followed by cabaret inspired artist Eileen Bothways. 18-year-old Miss Zodi and make-up artist Emily After performed later on.

Photo: Eileen Both Ways performing

As guests, we were privileged to be in the same space of some amazing  personalities and wonderful hosts, such as Lledir Werdna and Santi Storm, whose looks are a performance in themselves. Self-styled “drag villainess”, Charity Kase, and bearded queen, Mary Poppers, also formed part of Cookie Jar’s breathtaking entertainment team.

Although the official dress code was “Sweet & Sickening”, guests were welcome to wear whatever they deemed fit for the occasion. Tickets were £7 if ordered online and £10 at the door.

Photo: Prince Jay Jay dancing after his set

Stella Marbles did an amazing job at organising an inclusive LGBTQ+ event where everyone was welcomed, and everyone was free to express their style the way they wanted too. If you want to discover London’s drag scene, and learn about female-identifying and NB performers, I would strongly recommend Cookie Jar as the party’s positive energy and friendly staff will guarantee you to have a great night.

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