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Jen Winters opened up a barbershop called “Phoney Pony Barbers” in Chelmsford, Essex, back in August 2017. Thanks to her unique talent and sharp haircuts, she has been rewarded with the 2018 Great British Barbering Academy (GBBA) Barber of the Year Award.
In order to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and push the lack of queer representation within the barber community, Winters has teamed up with up and coming Club Kid  Matchy Machi. Club Kids embody a sub-culture that originated within the LGBTQ+ scene in the late 1980s in New York City. It exists today internationally and is quite significant among young adults in the London LGBTQ+ scene. Matchy Machi epitomises the Club Kid genre through his style, and particularly his signature electric green hair. Club Kids are notably known to wear eccentric clothing and express themselves through unconventional fashion and legendary parties.
Matchy Machi
Winters and Matchy Machi have created a collection of hairstyle to celebrate the beautiful sub-cultures that the LGBTQ+ community has to offer, such as the Club Kid scene. The collection, entitled ‘Club Kids is, as Matchy puts it: “very out there”. Matchy adds: “For the barber scene it might be too much, but we hope to abolish that stereotype. We want to show that there are so many fashions and styles we have to offer no matter our gender. We want to show diversity within this growing industry.”

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