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The Australian marriage equality vote ends tomorrow – make sure you #RingYourRellos down under!

With less than 24 hours remaining to vote in the Australia same-sex marriage ballot, polls are predicting a positive outcome for those committed to marriage equality.

An incredible 78% of eligible voters have already cast their vote – a larger turnout than those voting in the UK’s Brexit referendum.

According to the Guardian Essential Poll, early signs suggested a landslide “yes” vote victory, with 72% of those who had voted doing so in favour of marriage equality. More recent polls suggest that around 60% of voters have backed the “Yes” campaign.

While this is a pivotal moment for equality in Australia, it’s important to remember that this public vote has no legal basis as such. The vote is classified as a “postal survey”, rather than a referendum. The results will however, inform MPs when the issue reaches Parliament.

Australia’s coalition government, headed by Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, is deeply divided on marriage equality. A significant number of conservative politicians are keen to oppose the bill and there have been rumours of a rebellion, which has the potential to split Turnbull’s party.

The Equality Campaign, the group leading the “Yes” vote, have emphasised the power of real-life conversations with friends and relatives in changing hearts and minds. Voters have been encouraged to #RingYourRellos in an effort to increase the number of people voting yes.

Results will be announced on 15 November

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