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There are few major cities across the western world where you can’t happen upon a drag show that’s at least half decent. From the Costa del Sol in Spain to Pacific coast of the USA, there’s bound to be drag show for you to enjoy at some point during the year. But we’re not here to discuss your run of the mill drag show; we need to delve into the top three cities in the world where you can find the very best drag shows and have fun in the area as a whole.

3. Dublin, Ireland

One of the most famous drag acts outside of the USA is Dr Panti Bliss. Known as the queen of Dublin drag, Panti’s gay bar, the PantiBar, has become renowned for the exciting drag shows put on each weekend. During the week, the welcoming venue is a chilled-out bar and good for relaxing times, such as after work drinks, but at the weekend, the atmosphere gets kicked into party mode. The bar is so popular that Panti has been able to open up a sister club, PennyLane, in the same area.

Situated close to River Liffey, PantiBar is close to the bar SIN E, known for being a nice alternative night out venue, Slattery’s Bar, and a couple of nice places to eat, such as Brother Hubbard and Musashi Noodle & Sushi Bar. Better still, it’s only a short walk from The Morrison hotel. If you are staying at The Morrison, if you turn up Jervis Street rather than PantiBar’s Strand Street Great, you’ll soon find yourself by the National Leprechaun Museum of Ireland.

2. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas has long been known for attracting the biggest, and best drag acts in the world. Sin City fully embraces the thrills of drag entertainment, and drag has fully embraced its visitors right back. Named ‘Entertainer of the Century’ in Las Vegas, Frank Marino is undoubtedly one of the hottest names in drag. Continuing to take Las Vegas by storm, Marino and 16 performers transform themselves into your favourite stars in their show Divas Las Vegas.

Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas takes place in the LINQ Theatre along South Las Vegas Boulevard, an area which is making a huge comeback. Known for The LIN Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and Harrah’s as Vegas Hotel & Casino, the only people who used to visit would be gamblers, but that went out of fashion. Now, however, thanks to the sheer range and availability of games at the online casino, gambling is back in fashion, and the area is buzzing again – explaining why the great Frank Mario has returned.

1. Southern California, USA 

One of the most legendary drag acts in the world; Dreamgirls Revue has been travelling across Southern California for over 30 years to deliver thoroughly entertaining nights at every stop. Chad Michaels, the world’s most famous Cher impersonator, is joined by many of the winners of the hit TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race, showcasing the act’s immense appeal.

As Dreamgirls Revue travels across Southern California, you can’t really pinpoint which parts of the local area would be appealing. However, Southern California as a whole is beautiful and diverse area, and as the act is incredibly prestigious, you can assume that their venues will be of the highest standard in the entertaining parts of town.

It may be cheating to name a whole area of a state, but when it comes to Dreamgirls Revue, it’s hard to care: the act is world-class. Las Vegas and Dublin come in close second and third, but if you want to catch the best show, find out where the Southern California group will be set up next.

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