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Sales of popular clothing and accessories product lines for transwomen, drag queens and crossdressers have risen nearly 50% in the last three years, as attitudes continue to change. That’s according to new sales data from, a leading online store serving crossdressing, trans and drag communities.

Retail data from the company reveals that new ‘starter’ products are increasingly popular; with demand for breast plates having doubled in the last year. Over the last three years sales of breast forms have also risen by around 50% and the company has had to double the number of wig and high-heel product lines it offers, due to increased demand. The company’s growth also means that Glamour Boutique’s British owner, David Borrows, is mulling possible partnerships with similar UK stores as part of its expansion plans.

The increased demand for these product lines reflects larger societal trends that people are becoming more comfortable with non-traditional gender expressions. According to a recent YouGov survey 58% of all US men, 72% of all UK men and 98% of young UK men (aged 18-24) do not consider themselves exclusively masculine. The percentage of US adults who identify as trans has doubled over 10 years according to a study by the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy, and crossdressers are increasingly choosing to present as a woman full-time.

Glamour Boutique’s David Borrows explains:”naturally we’re delighted at the growth in demand and it’s brilliant to see that peoples’ perceptions of their own gender expression are slowly changing. However societal norms still have some catching up to do, as some businesses continue to charge customers hefty premiums – what I call a ‘discretionary tax’ – just because they haven’t felt comfortable coming out. I’ve always been passionate that people shouldn’t have to pay more for the same products simply because of their lifestyle or who they are. This approach ruffled some feathers when I first entered the market, with some wholesalers even choosing not to work with me. But I’m hopeful that this is changing.”


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