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Our Vera is all about diversity. For example, she has hired a butch lesbian plumber called Doris to do her pipes once a month, and her cleaning lady is from Glasgow so, as she says, you can’t get more diverse than that.

Vera is all for rights and that includes Trans rights as long as they can bake for the WI summer sale.  She fully supports  the #GwithTheT campaign, even though some of those involved with campaign support the Labour Party. Need proof? Watch this:

But it’s not just trans people that have struck gold by getting Vera on side. For the first time evs, Vera is taking off her make-up ON SCREEN to offer support to those with mental health issues by embracing the “This is Me” campaign. That said, Vera has asked us to point out that back in the golden days of Maggie Thatcher’s Britain, life was so sweet for everyone on these green and pleasant islands that nobody had any mental health issues at all. More via the miracle of moving pictures here:

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