What have you missed this week ? Find out now in our Weekly Round-Up of some of our favourite UK queer influencers.

Every Friday we keep you updated on the best social media content you might have missed.

Here is the queer content you need to see from this week; hopefully it will take your mind off Valentine’s Day.

Brit Crew model, Matt Lister, made us all long for Summer

AJ, also a Brit Crew model (we can’t help but love them), looked forward to his future

Mum, from LesBeMums, needed a break!

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I do not look like this today, and neither does the sky! Today has been a bit pants, actually. On one hand I've done loads of washing, hoovered, and got my car in the garage. But, on the other, a tissue exploded in said wash, I may have hoovered up some Lego, and my car has cost me near to £250 (and will likely cost me another £350 by the end of the year) – and this was all before midday! I've got a stinking cold and I'm still being poked and prodded to find out what's going on with me at the moment. I'm just so tired, I miss proper time with my family (this half term cannot come quick enough) and I just need a pause button and/or a proper break. Anyone else? Regular, more upbeat programming will resume shortly once a girl gets a chance to relax and recoup! 😴

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Jodie Harsh basically met her soulmate

Vangelis Polydorou appreciating some good old British sunlight

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Love when the sun comes out! ☀️

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And finally, Northern Irish singer, JC Stewart was in a little bit of a pickle

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