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Here is the queer content you need to see from this week:

1. Our Northern Irish charm and former Drag Race contestant, Blu Hydrangea, served E L F !

2. Char Bailey, an acclaimed life coach, had some serious advice about… giving advice!

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DON’t take my word for it… 🤎 here for the new brown heart emoji. Anyway .3 reasons not to take mine or anyone else’s advice . And I mean emotional stuff not who’s got the cheapest car insurance. 1, advice is someone’s opinion based on their experience, their experience shapes their view, it doesn’t necessarily equip them to guide you through your life , think on it, you build your patterns, you have to be the one to break them too. How many times have you given advice and the person hasn’t taken it , only to realise months later they did what you said all along they just took their own time to realise and get into action. Blah 2, the outcome of the advice impacts only you, who’s hands do you want to put your future in. Unless the decision changes their life too, don’t make their opinion gospel. Who has to live with it, you bab 3, YOU ARE YOUR POWER promise ! If you ask yourself the right questions you will know what to do, what about you deserves to be dictated to by anyone other than you. So much power in your existence , love yourself, trust yourself . Flip a coin on it if you have to as soon as it lands your gut will tell you . . What works for me is looking at someone’s track record , would I want to swap places with them. If the answers no, deffo do not take their advice 🙃 bye then

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3. Cambell Kenneford, who recently featured in our LGB Alliance article, proved real love really does exist.

4. Leading YouTuber, Alex Bertie, shared this precious moment.

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Throwback to the only girl I'll ever have in my bed

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5. Content Creator, Finn, got writer’s fomo.

6. And Ben, our favourite farmer, got real about GHG emissions.

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I’ve just read yet another article on the BBC website quoting a study that says we should be cutting our meat consumption by 1/5 yet says nothing about curbin emissions from aviation. Considering emissions from farming in the U.K. account for less than 10% of total emissions and has decreased 16% since 1990. Emissions from aviation however continue to grow almost unrestricted as we take advantage of the insanely low air fares (that are often cheaper than driving or taking the train). Aviation seems to be the main marker for a country’s economic success and as climate experts tell us to change our diets, governments all over the world are planning new airports and runways to boost trade and tourism. We still have work to do in farming to reduce GHG emissions but the UK is amongst the lowest carbon farming systems in the world. So if you’ve gone vegan to save the planet but take more than one flight a year (one business class return flight to NY emits a lot more carbon than the average person’s annual meat consumption), take a look at your own carbon footprint before coming for farmers. Go and google “aviation is the red meat in the greenhouse gas sandwich” and read some wonderfully irony-free quotes from Richard Branson #climatechange #aviation #climatechange #meatproduction #farming #greenhousegasemissions #carbonfootprint

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