Father Ted writer Graham Linehan threatens to sue Labour’s LGBTQ advisor Anthony Watson in transgender Twitter row

Pictured: Anthony Watson

The Labour Party’s LGBTQ advisor and leading British entrepreneur, Anthony Watson, has dared the co-writer of Father Ted to follow through with threats of legal action after he threatened to sue him.

Comedy writer Graham Linehan, who has already been given a verbal harassment warning by police after a complaint by a transgender activist, told Labour adviser Anthony Watson that he intended to take legal action against him after he referred to him as a ‘bigot’ on Twitter.

Mr Watson’s comments followed condemnation from equality campaigners over Graham Linehan’s Twitter comments around gender identity. In October LGBTQ activist Stephanie Hayden reported the comedy writer for transphobia after he referred to her as “he” and for “deadnaming” her by referring to her by names used before she transitioned.

In an explosive Twitter row, Mr Watson, who leads Shadow Cabinet member Dawn Butler’s advisory panel, says the comedian has used his privileged position in society as a successful white male to marginalise the UK’s trans community and branded him a ‘bigot’.

Mr Lineman hit back posting to his 672,000 followers that he was taking legal action. In response, diversity and equality expert Watson, conducted a poll on the social media site asking followers if they agreed with his bigot claim. Over 34,800 people responded.

A resounding 75% agreed with Mr Watson, who not only dared, but invited Mr Linehan to sue him.

Anthony Watson, who is also a member of the board of directors of GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organising and who has also advised Angela Eagle MP and the Labour Party on economic matters, said:

“I will neither retract nor apologise for calling him out for what he really is: an anti trans bigot.”

“Mr Linehan is a man who continues to marginalise the trans community, so much so he blocked national lottery funding for Mermaids – a charity which simply helps trans kids who are in danger. He needs calling out for what he really is and I have no hesitation in standing up for our LGBT community if he wishes to sue me in court.”

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