Have you heard of Queer Acts of Resistance? The photography project aims to share the voices of the LGBTQ+ community through beautiful photos…

Queer Acts of Resistance is an on-going portrait series which aims to celebrate and join the dots of disparity under the umbrella of queerness.


Each portrait is accompanied by a story which is as little or large as each person wants to share.

“Our acts of resistance could be on a micro scale such as the things we choose to wear or on a macro scale such as having a platform that gives queer people a voice,” Ciaran Fram, the photographer and creator of Queer Acts of Resistance, says.


Ciaran adds: “This project comes from a place of empathy. When you witness each portrait, you’re witnessing a conversation between myself as a photographer and the people you see.”

Take a look at the project’s Instagram account here and Ciaran’s account here.

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