‘Equal Love’ case goes to court

The Equal Love campaign, which campaigns against the UK’s ban on gay marriage and straight civil partnerships, will today be putting its case to the European Court of Human rights. The campaign is led by prominent gay rights activist Peter Tatchell.   Please follow and like us:


Barbara Bush supports gay marriage

George’s Bush’s eldest daughter, 29-year-old Barbara Bush, has come out as an advocate of gay marriage. She starred in a video for the Human Rights Campaign dinner on Saturday, calling for New York to legalise same-sex marriages. Please follow and like us:


Rihanna’s ‘lesbian fling’

R’n’B lovely Rihanna found herself at the centre of a scandal after topless photos of the star were leaked on to the internet. And now a woman claiming to be her lesbian lover has released a set of copycat snaps to the same website… Please follow and like us: