Whether you’re a fully paid up member of Team Lesbian or, like around 40% of our readers, you identify as bi or pan of whatever gender, anyone who has sex with women wants to make their partner cum like a juggernaut either for said partner’s pleasure, for their own ego or a combo of both.

You may, of course, be the greatest lover in the known world and beyond but, if you reckon you could get even better in the sack, our friends at TickleTrunkClub have come up with some superb advice.

Remember: everything in this article assumes consent, and that’s exactly the way it should be. IF SHE SAYS NO, IT’S TIME TO GO.

Unlike men, who are simple souls with many of them able to reach sexual nirvana after five minutes on Pornhub and a squirt of olive oil, hitting the Big O is often more complicated for women. 

First off, you need to think about stimulating the psychological and emotional as well as the physical; yes, it takes longer but it will help achieve better quality orgasms than diving straight in and rubbing her clit like a crazed maniac.

So let’s get cracking…

A build up of sexual excitement before the initial contact will increase anticipation and prepare her body for the mind-blowing experiences to come. For example:

If you’re not near the object of your affections, send some texts telling her how she makes you feel and what you would be doing to her if she were with you right now.

Be as explicit as you’re comfortable with – and then some – taking your time to describe all the ways you’ll touch her:

Get texting!

“If you were here with me right now I would taste your mouth with the tip of my tongue, coaxing you to move closer. My hands would grasp your hips and bring them closer to me while the mounting heat of our bodies would ignite the fire inside us. I’d feel the heat of your pussy while we continue to kiss…”

As you can see, this build-up of anticipation before any actual physical contact not only shows her that you’re desperate to please her, but also lets her know how she arouses you.

Exciting, eh!

If you’re together, perhaps on a date, use the time to send subtle signals that she turns you on. Use non-verbal cues such as placing your hand on the nape of her neck and stroking, gently massaging before turning into her and placing a gentle kiss neat the top of her neck, slightly below the ear. Linger!

Kiss her neck…it’s lovely!

As time passes, continue with subtle but intentional touching. Do it right (and in the right circumstances) and her senses will automatically be heightened to anticipate your touch…but don’t be overly pushy – leave her wanting more and don’t forget to compliment her and tell her how much she turns you on. THE MIND IS AN EROGENOUS ZONE TOO!

Fast forward and, hopefully, you’ve made it to bed.

Kiss and taste her body from her ears, mouth and neck, down the collarbone, ensuring that you pay attention to every part of her body as your lips discover her, using your hands as guides.

When you reach her breasts, don’t just go for the nipples – actually kiss, lick and caress the entire breast.

Move slowly down her stomach, kiss her hips then grab and raise her pelvis, kissing the side of her bottom. 

Head down to her inner thighs, continuing to kiss and taste her as if her body were the salvation to your very existence, telling her non-verbally how much you want, need and desire her. 

At this point, she will be wet and may well be aching to be penetrated.


Start by kissing and lapping her vulva with a delicate licking and suction motion, rather like eating an ice cream that’s beginning to melt. Make your mouth wet as you kiss her. Let your tongue and mouth explore her anal area, although it’s best to have earlier established whether she’s comfortable with this.

And if anal isn’t your bag either, continue licking and sucking her vulva neither too vigorously or too delicately. This is about showing your NEED to taste her.

Insert a finger or two inside her and press and turn them as you go in and out. Push slightly upwards as your fingers exit.

Move your mouth to her clitoris, gently licking and sucking while fingering her slightly faster. While you’re fingering her, you can squeeze her arse or let your fingers take over from your mouth on her clit.

She should be wet but, if not, spit on her or break out the lube. A dry vulva is nobody’s friend!

Now kiss her on the mouth with desire and intensity, continuing to stimulate her clit: up and down, side to side or circles.

Aaaand, we’re in.

She may raise her pelvis slightly, indicating that she wants you and that she is approaching climax. If you’re a man, grab your cock and if you’re a woman, pick up a toy, and slap the tip against her clit. This WILL make her cum.

When she starts cumming don’t stop what you’re doing – keep going until her first wave has passed. 

Then – and only then – enter her with a dildo or, for men, your cock and watch her moan and beg for more.

Thanks to the lovely people at TickleTrunkClub for these brilliant tips. Don’t forget that care and attention before full-on sex will help you give her one of the most extraordinary experiences of her life.

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