Luka_Rocco_MagnottaA Canadian porn actor who filmed himself murdering his boyfriend, severed his limbs and then posted them to Canadian politicians was seized in Berlin this week. In a gruesome cannibal twist, police now believe video footage of the killing also shows the victim being eaten.

Luka Magnotta, 29, who is suspected of killing Chinese student Jun Lin, 33, was arrested without resistance in a Berlin internet café by German police on Monday. Authorities say he could be returned to Canada as early as this week.

Montreal Police Cmdr Ian Lafreniere said that although police have not been able to confirm it publically, they suspect Magnotta ate parts of the victim’s body.

“As gross and as graphic as it could be, yes, it was seen on the video,” Mr Lafreniere said.

A copy of what police believe is the video of the killing, viewed online by Associated Press, shows a man with an ice pick stabbing another naked, bound male. He also dismembers the corpse and performs sexual acts with it.

Police suggested Tuesday that they have access to more extensive, unedited video of the killing. “We’re keeping some details for ourselves,” Mr Lafreniere said.

Magnotta will face additional charges of threatening the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, after he mailed a severed foot to the Conservative Party headquarters. A hand was sent to the Liberal party headquarters. The limbless and headless corpse of Lin was found in a suitcase outside of Magnotta’s apartment.

Today it has emerged that two of the missing body parts – a hand and a foot may have been mailed to Canadian schools. While the body parts have yet to be confirmed as belonging to Lin, a package containing what appeared to be a human hand was opened by staff at False Creek Elementary School after 1 pm yesterday. Another package containing what appeared to be a human foot was found by staff at St George’s private school for boys later in the day.

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