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Get Your Head In The Game
Football is more than just a sport. The pitch reveals emotion in the extreme: from the glory of goals, the...
Health & wellbeing, Non-fiction Dominic Stevenson BUY NOW
Why We Get Mad.
Aimed at anyone who has ever felt their anger is a problem for them or their loved ones, as well...
Health & wellbeing, Non-fiction Dr Ryan Martin BUY NOW
Finding You
On the back of a recent break up and her mum’s shocking news, Anna wasn’t looking for love, but it...
Fiction, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Romance Emma Nichols BUY NOW
Madeleine isn’t like other grieving war widows. Claudette isn’t like other young French women. As their lives collide, Madeleine and...
Fiction, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Romance Emma Nichols BUY NOW
Cosa Nostra
Bound by the Mafia’s code of honour, loyalty and silence, Maria Lombardo has always dreamed of another life. But when...
Fiction, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Romance Emma Nichols BUY NOW
Elodie Marchand has it all. Money, power, women. As the owner of a prestigious winery in France, she enjoys freedom...
Fiction, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Romance Emma Nichols BUY NOW
You and Me
The only person standing between Alice and Machu Picchu, Haight Ashbury and the Great Barrier Reef just dumped her for...
Fiction, LGBTQ Jade Winters BUY NOW
Do The Work You Love
Aimed at all those who want their work to be fun and fulfilling, and who feel they might have a...
Non-fiction, Self help Joe Barnes BUY NOW
The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy.
During her 15 years as a therapist, Karin Blak has found that, due to a lack of understanding of what...
Health & wellbeing, Non-fiction Karin Blak BUY NOW
Life As A Roller Coaster: The Mayhem of Bipolar
Having found her voice, Liz shares her real-life story in a refreshingly open style born out of a burning desire...
Health & wellbeing, Non-fiction, Self help Liz Rotherham BUY NOW